Starting a Business in Spain

startup-1018512_640There are so many reasons to start a business in Spain and if you’re moving to the country you may be totally new to what it entails. This article is designed to help with some of the basics of starting a business and being self employed within the country.

A lot of folks who are new to Spain and its distinct legal and business practices can quite easily become mistaken regarding the precise differences between the legalities of the businesses in the country, and both principal company types: the S.L. and the S.A. The convenience of either can alter according to your own personal situation, the nature of your customers and your longer term vision for business.

In practice, the S.A. (Public Limited Company) and the S.L. (Private Liability Company) are quite similar although there are specific cases where the management demands for an S.L. are less stringent, but these are big business structures and you can operate as a normal self-employed individual in Spain and file your own taxes without having a big business structure. The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in Spain.

If you’re moving from abroad you may want to start businesses such as hotels, souvenir shops or other tourist industries or your interests may be in other areas such as construction.

Depending on the area where you’re based, it is important to keep your finger on the pulse, if you’re a Javea based business, you should connect with javea businesses to stay on top of what is happening in the area and find new opportunities. Local community is big in Spain whichever region you set up your company.

Buying Property in Javea, Spain

javeaSpain is known all around the world and their culture has spread far and wide including South America, but some of the most beautiful areas of Spanish origin are of course in the home country, including the stunning town of Javea on the Costa Blanca. The appeal of the town comes from loads of different aspects of the culture (and geography) as well as being beautiful with a lot of gorgeous historical buildings, a coastline and plenty to see, the temperature there is warm pretty much all year around.

Many people looking to buy property in the Med have opted for Spain and prices for Villas and other types of properties are pretty reasonable compared to many other countries, making it a great option for those looking to buy a second property. Finding theĀ best online javea apartments can be a challenge, but fortunately in the modern day and age there are places you can go to ensure you’re purchasing a high quality property whether you want a secluded villa or a fully managed condo. Spain is a big country, and if you’re buying from another region or if you’re looking to buy it is important to do as much as possible online and get a full overlook of the details of the property.

There’s plenty to love about the Costa Blanca, whether you’re looking for hot temperatures, Sandy beaches, quiet retreats or party towns, there’s something for everyone. Whatever your budget, there’s something in the beautiful town of Javea and the local areas which should be able to suit your needs. The beautiful town featuring an old-time market with people selling their local wares, old style architecture and of course, many luxurious apartments can be found online just a short walk from the beaches and sights.…